Today, someone told me I am obsessed with “newness”.

At first I was offended.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I am.  And aren’t we all?  We get new phones every two years, get new cars every four years, get new jeans, new hairstyles, new wardrobes according to the latest fashion.  We, as a society, are obsessed with newness.  This curse is not an issue isolated to only myself.  It is something to which we are all victims.

Our world today demands for all of us to have an obsession with newness.  Everything is constantly changing, and it is our responsibility to keep up.  Life today protests the old and forces new information, new technology, new ideas into our heads and hands to keep us current.  We are changing — our wants and needs are changing.  Newness keeps the journey interesting.  Newness keeps us searching; it intrigues us with what else there could be, drives us to discover more about ourselves and our purpose, and answers questions to life’s most interesting questions along the way.

This obsession with newness isn’t a burden; it’s a gift.  We demand better.  We strive for better.  We crave something better and beg for it.

The era of newness is upon us!  Have an open mind, keep high expectations, and enjoy the ride.




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3 responses to ““Newness”

  1. A thought…
    I wonder if the amount of “energy” you have is equal to the amount of change you allow into your life.
    If you feel overwhelmed and don’t have a lot of energy for your professional life because it is being diverted to kids, parents, bills, etc, you might also not have a lot of energy left to accept changes in your professional life.
    Wonder if people are leading lives with more stress which means they are less likely top have energy left to change…

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  3. Well said! And after really thinking about the people I know that do feel overwhelmed and stressed about their lives, they are those most resistant to change.

    Especially now with technology constantly changing and growing, I agree with you… the more you embrace the change instead of attempting to fight it, the more energy and drive we will have to make amazing things happen!!

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