I read an article once about the use of educational technology that quoted a student saying,“When I come to school, I unplug.” And sometimes I feel that way too.

Being one of the only members of the faculty truly embracing technology and its potential gets exhausting!  It is an uphill battle and to make it to the top you have to be loaded with research, tools, and innovative thinking that you can use to defeat the nay-sayers. However, during meetings sometimes it is easier to just turn off, unplug, and listen to others make excuses, complain, and settle for mediocrity from their students.

Ed tech is about challenge.  It’s about stimulating, authentic challenges that make our students think differently about their learning.

But not everyone sees it this way.

How can we get our fellow colleagues to see the importance of using technology in the classroom instead of looking down their nose and criticizing those of us that do?

Found a list of Ways to Encourage the Use of Technology here.

Do you have any you’d add to the list?


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