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Someone gets it!

Taking a look around my school building, I could count on one hand the number of teachers using technology to its full potential with their students.  Being an advocate of using technology in the classroom, I’ve had numerous discussions with my colleagues about why it’s important to use technology, how to use it, and where to get the resources.  Still, some teachers remain stuck in their ways.

Surfing for an ounce of hope, I stumbled upon the following article from the University of Vermont, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Someone gets it!!! (Find out here–> http://bit.ly/7lfPH7 )

This quote in particular from the article perfectly summed up my personal opinions about the issue…

“Today’s young people are immersed in technology everywhere but in school… Instead of asking students to power down the moment the school day starts, we need to bring technology into the classroom where, combined with good teaching, it can be a powerful tool for engaging young minds.”

We are so lucky to be in a world where our students can connect and collaborate with other students, teachers, and professionals around the world… and in an instant!  The potential this tool has to truly take our learners to the next level is incredible and needs to be explored by teachers.  However, most teachers I’ve met are reluctant.

What I found unique about this program was the rigorous professional development the schools included to prepare their teachers for success.  I think so many times schools expect their teachers to do certain tasks and perform miracles with them, but do not adequately prepare their teachers.  Frequent follow-ups and in-school visits make teacher-learning real and hold teachers accountable for integrating the new curriculum.

Although all teachers should be using technology, without proper training not all teachers can successfully!



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