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New Literacies and Kittens!

I was shown one of the funniest Youtube videos I’ve seen in a while yesterday, which I have embedded below.

The video, Kittens!  Inspired by Kittens!, is of a little girl video taping herself “reading” a book about… well… kittens as she isolates each picture and creates dialogue according to their body position.  The crazy thing is this video has over six million views!!!

Although my friend introduced me to this video so I could get a good laugh, it also got me thinking a lot about technology and the skills our students are practicing regularly at home that could be utilized at school.  Most students go home and are surrounded by technology whether it be with their cell phones, iPods, computers, etc.  Kids are coming in with different literacies… new literacies… and schools need to work on embracing this new change!

Think about the world our students live in.

What are they doing for fun when they go home?  How many still play with dolls, action figures, or fake kitchens?  More children are using technology, becoming comfortable with technology, growing up understanding and learning with technology… so why when they come to school is this powerful and familiar tool being taken away?

School should be a place where students can blossom using the skills they already have in order to prepare them for the 21st century world, not a place where their full potential is being limited because of deficits in our education system.

Yes, some of the students that enter my classroom are low level readers and writers, but these are the same students that are extremely tech literate!  They can create webpages, navigate through information, and collaborate with their peers about their interests!  These are the new literacies that students need to have!  As educators, it is our job to recognize that these skills as equally as important as other traditional literacies and find ways to effectives incorporate them into our lessons!

Enjoy watching the video below and think about this..

What kind of 21st century skills are our students coming to us with and how can we embrace them in our classrooms?



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Oh Apple!

The Apple Store always amazes me.

Regardless how many times I have been inside these stores, I always leave with an excited smile on my face, giddy about the technological experience I just had.  Today was no different. I went to exchange a Christmas present, and was immediately greeted by a handy salesmen who was eager to help me.  After telling him my problem, he took total care of me, showing me where to find what I was looking for, and even assisting me in making the decision!  When I was done, Mr. Mac-Employee pulled out an iPhone-ish device, scanned the bar code on my receipt with it, plugged in my contact information, and e-mailed me a receipt all on the same handheld contraption.

And that was it!

That simple.  No standing in line, waiting for things to print, searching through the computer, or handwriting information; just a scan, a quick e-mail, and I was done.

Walking out, I couldn’t help but smile because yet again, technology had proved to be the fastest and easiest thing to use to make everyday situations somehow smoother.

But that wasn’t the only thing this experience made me think; my brief trip to the Apple store was a perfect example of how we should be using technology in schools.

The technology in the store was a tool, a compliment to the sales worker, and a way to make him and what he was doing more efficient- it did not take the sales worker’s place. And that’s exactly how it should be viewed in schools!  No one wants technology to replace the teacher; it should be a tool to help the teacher’s instruction be more effective and meaningful for the student.  Technology is not a substitute for good teaching (or good sales tactics- my salesman was still knowledgeable and friendly),  it’s to be used to enhance learning, expose and open student’s views, and create an instant, collaborative learning environment for today’s children.

Too many teachers fear technology will make them obsolete, make their jobs, their curriculum, their area of expertise not needed, but that is not the case.  Technology, used correctly, should not replace the teacher.  It should improve the learning and motivation in the classroom, and help prepare our kids for the 21st century world where all sales clerks will have handheld devices that scan barcodes and e-mail receipts to customers through their online address book.


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Someone gets it!

Taking a look around my school building, I could count on one hand the number of teachers using technology to its full potential with their students.  Being an advocate of using technology in the classroom, I’ve had numerous discussions with my colleagues about why it’s important to use technology, how to use it, and where to get the resources.  Still, some teachers remain stuck in their ways.

Surfing for an ounce of hope, I stumbled upon the following article from the University of Vermont, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Someone gets it!!! (Find out here–> http://bit.ly/7lfPH7 )

This quote in particular from the article perfectly summed up my personal opinions about the issue…

“Today’s young people are immersed in technology everywhere but in school… Instead of asking students to power down the moment the school day starts, we need to bring technology into the classroom where, combined with good teaching, it can be a powerful tool for engaging young minds.”

We are so lucky to be in a world where our students can connect and collaborate with other students, teachers, and professionals around the world… and in an instant!  The potential this tool has to truly take our learners to the next level is incredible and needs to be explored by teachers.  However, most teachers I’ve met are reluctant.

What I found unique about this program was the rigorous professional development the schools included to prepare their teachers for success.  I think so many times schools expect their teachers to do certain tasks and perform miracles with them, but do not adequately prepare their teachers.  Frequent follow-ups and in-school visits make teacher-learning real and hold teachers accountable for integrating the new curriculum.

Although all teachers should be using technology, without proper training not all teachers can successfully!


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The world today…

Although most of the information presented in the video below will come as no surprise to you, it’s a nice refresher.

We all know cell phones, computers, and technology are an integral part of life today, but this video made me think about how we are adjusting to this phenomenon.

As a teacher, I know that every student in my class is connected, is wired as soon as they leave my classroom.  They all have cell phones with internet access, iPods, laptops and computers in their bedrooms, they can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time — yet, in most classrooms the only people they’re connected to is the teacher and their peers and they can only talk to one or two people, at their desks, when the teacher tells them.

Why is this?

With the amount of technology that is available, our students should be constantly plugged in, constantly learning and discussing and thinking with people from all over the world.  We have the ability, we just need to embrace it!

By not accepting technology as a necessary part of our students’ lives, we are doing them a disservice.  We are not preparing them for the world that faces them when they leave us.

If the evidence is out there, if everyone knows this is the way society is now…

why is nothing changing?

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